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Reported crimes per 1,000 population


 128 - 249.9

 80 - 127.9

 64 - 79.9

 50 - 63.9

 30 - 49.9


Areas with the highest reported crime levels per 1,000 population are the City of London and Westminster, but low residential populations are likely to have skewed these figures. Other areas with high rates include other inner London boroughs such as Islington, Camden and Newham and Manchester, Reading and Nottingham. The area with the lowest crime rate is the Isles of Scilly.
Female malignant melanoma map
An atlas of environmental agents and health conditions has been developed at a small scale to show their geographic distribution in England and Wales. Environmental agents include sunshine, nitrogen dioxide emissions, particulate matter emissions, herbicides and fungicides. Health conditions include cancers, heart disease, COPD, kidney disease and low birth weight.
Global Forest Watch map
The Global Forest Watch map shows net loss or gain of forested areas down to 30m resolution. The website also includes clickable layers to show tree cover extent, forest use for activities such as logging, mining or palm oil plantations, and conservation areas.
UK flood risk map
The UK Environment Agency has released a map that shows the level of flood risk from rivers and the sea down to a scale of 1:10,000. The map is searchable by place name or postcode. The map also shows flood defences and areas benefiting from flood defences. This can provide vital information for anyone considering purchasing a house.
UK hayfever maps
The proportion of the UK population with hayfever is projected to double by 2060 when up to 70% of people in England will have the condition. These maps show the increase in hayfever rates in 2009, 2020, 2040 and 2060. Britain currently has one of the highest rates of hayfever in the world with about 25% of the population suffering.
London income map
A map of net weekly income in London in 2013 has been published by the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analytics in London. High income areas are in west, south and south west London and in north and north west London. Areas with the lowest weekly incomes are in central London south of Thames, east London and parts of north west London around Wembley and Southall.
London income map
A map of 2014 house prices in London has been published by the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analytics in London. Areas with the highest house prices are in west, south and south west London, especially on the periphery of London. Areas with the lowest house prices are in east London, the Lea Valley area, Croydon and parts of west London around Heathrow Airport.