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Proportion of working population aged 16-74 who travel to work by other methods (2011)

dark brown  >0.85%

brown 0.69% - 0.85%

mid brown 0.62% - 0.69%

light brown 0.57% - 0.62%

pale brown 0.53% - 0.57%

very pale brown 0.48% - 0.53%

white < 0.48%

Areas with the highest proportion of people who travel to work by other methods are in coastal areas of England and Wales, notably the Isles of Scilly, Richmondshire, Great Yarmouth, and the Isle of Wight. Such methods that are likely to include by helicopter to offshore oil and gas installations and wind farms. The lowest proportions are in the West Midlands, South and West Yorkshire and the valleys of South Wales.