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Proportion of population with 5+ O Level passes (2011)

dark brown  >42.7%

brown 38.72% - 42.7%

mid brown 35.93% - 38.72%

light brown 33.34% - 35.93%

pale brown 30.56% - 33.34%

very pale brown 27.1% - 30.56%

white <27.1%

Areas with a high proportion of people with 5+ O level (Passes)/CSEs (Grade 1)/GCSEs (Grades A*-C), School Certificate, 1 A level/2-3 AS levels/VCEs, Higher Diploma or a Welsh Baccalaureate Intermediate Diploma are generally in south central England such as Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Surrey, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, West Sussex, Warwickshire, Gloucestershire and the City of London.